They Know Where You've Been!
See where Google has tracked you.
Drop LocationHistory.json or zip file here, or click to browse
To download your location history:
  1. Go to Google Takeout and login
  2. Create an archive containing Location History (bottom of the list)
  3. Download the archive when it's ready
  4. Drag the file into the drop zone above
What is this?
They have your info. Your life has been mapped. What does Google’s location reporting reveal about you. If you use Google products on your phone, you may be surprised by the hundreds of thousands of data points gathered each year. Just remember, you have nothing to fear…

Identifies your home, top places, what time you generally arrive to work, where you go at night, your flights abroad, where you ended up when you were drunk, where you are likely to be right now, see your movements animated…

Ok, sorry for the fear-mongering… you can always turn off location reporting on your phone
Is TheyHaveYour.Info safe?
Processing only takes place offline on your own computer. Your location history will not be uploaded to any web service. Geocoding of your most frequent places does use the Google Places web service, but Google already has your data.